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Building a Large Garden Decking Patio

Started on beautiful summer day - Tue 13th July, with Day 2 turning into cold damp 'summer day' (Sweaters and body warmers back out of the drawer!) Large patio decking project with stunning views - and wildlife to boot!

Most stages of simple deck building can be followed with the images. If you are unsure of any stage, then it is probably better if you seek professional or at least experienced DIY help!

Existing paved patio area to be decked over

A few interesting angles to contemplate with the shape of the house walls and conservatory

Above =  Day 1 - start        Below = Day 1 - finish

Softwood deck sub frame completed with 6x2 treated construction joists.

Section of deck sub frame to be completed arounf the angular conservatory wall

The edge of the deck is given an angled treatment to mirror the angle on the conservatory wall.

Angles are normally cut after a rectangular sub frame is constructed.

Above = Day 2 - finish  Below = Day 3 finish (Most of deck laid)

An so softwood deck board are being laid

The decking all but finished

And the deer in the field next door kept me company - including the unusual white deer!

Nearby herd of deer proved a relaxing attraction

Below = Day 4. All of the decking completed. Fascias, steps and power supply to finish.

Some of the angles in the deck constrution can be seen in this image A large expanse of decking with plenty of versatility provided by the large area of flat surface

Day 5 Sees the deck completed but for a bit of electrical installation work.

These type of angled steps need careful attention to detail and good DIY skills.


The lighter coloured boards were a few replacements for some damaged boards. These together with the lighter coloured step, were installed just 3 days after the main boards. That shows how quickly the deck 'tones down' to a nice honey-brown colour in just a few days of sunshine.

The finished patio deck is ready for use - enjoy and relax.




The deck is quite large - 50+ square metres and was completed in 5 days. Ready for use and enjoyment.


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