Decking Ideas for Sloping Gardens.

The easiest and most cost effective way to bring a sloping garden into use is by the provision of decking on a slope - Building a deck on a slope - easy to say; not the easiest of jobs to undertake and DO NOT try it alone!

A good, well built deck on a sloping garden can be a safety necessity or sheer usage of wasted space. One of the other options is to go for ground cover shrubs - or maybe terracing the garden with its resultant retaining walls. But for space utilisation then a decking on a slope must rank amongst the best solutions.

Decks on sloping garden are not for the fainthearted. As well as normal building techniques, they tend to require a much greater degree of physical effort and a degree of nimbleness! 

Sloping gardens can give rise to a lot of unusable space. Decking is way forward and soon comes into its own.

Sloping gardens and decks were made for each other. Whereas most forms of levelling a involves a lot of serious money, a good solution can be found in the use of decking.

Long term waste areas and waste of usable space can be overcome with the provision of a decking terrace - often creating a new lifestyle which had been hitherto impossible. 

A deck sorts out the problem of slopes in the garden. No expensive groundworks and levelling - just build a deck like this one.With a well constructed deck, there is no longer a problem of where to put the recliner, or how to stop little Johnny or Lucy  rolling away into oblivion. (Even more of a problem if the two said kids are not yours!)

It is not just a matter of throwing a bit of decking timber down on your steep garden. It has to be thought out, designed and built properly. There are many decking ideas for steep gardens in this section

One great advantage of decks on slopes in the garden, is the fact that there is normally good ventilation - quite important. Decks on slopes always look better if they are left open all round - rather than trying to box the deck in down the sides. This might even allow for a good play den area for the little ones - just a bit of thought as to how to waterproof the deck for those underneath!

How to Build a deck on a Sloping Garden.

Check List and Ideas for Building a Deck on a Slope

All of the examples that follow, are on varying degrees of slope - from the gentle slope that seemed as though it would benefit from a deck, to the sever, dangerous slope, about which something just had to be done. Read the general hints for decks on sloping gardens. Those hints will point you in the right direction re how to build decking on a slope. Don't move forward with the project until you are 100% sure that all angles are covered and well understood.

One of the most important factors to determine before starting your decking on a slope, is whether the ground has been made up over the last ten - fifteen years, or is the more stable cutaway embankment. If the ground is 'tipped' soil or rubble that has not had time to fully settle and consolidate, then decking should not take place unless you can be certain of digging through the un-compacted soil to find the basic unfilled bank. If this cannot be done, then there is nothing to stop the deck from settling along with any settlement of the bank over the years. Any future possibility of subsidence or earth slippage should also be investigated -  by a professional.

Whatever the outcome of your initial investigations, it would be wise to employ the services of a professional and experienced decking company.

Examples of Decks on Sloping Gardens

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