Raised Decks decking ideas - information and advice

The design and construction of a raised decking project, requires a lot more expertise that a simple ground level deck. Good carpentry and even engineering skills are required, as well as being completely at home with with building substantial structures. Raised Decking Ideas are here for your interest in the first instance. After that, if an idea appeals???

Do NOT attempt to build elevated decking if you are a DIY novice. The advice and information on these pages concerning the constructing of a raised deck, is essentially for those who are fully competent with carpentry tools and construction equipment. Raised decking construction is for an expert.The ideas are simply to whet the appetite for the project that can transform your house.

Before attempting to either plan or build elevated decking, a trip to the local authority planning department may save you a lot of time - and money. You will most certainly need building control consent from the local authority also if you want to be involved in raised decking construction projects..

We have many pages on the site - see links below - that will take you to actual raised deck projects. These should give you many ideas as to what you can and cannot do.

Raised Decking Ideas

The standard format for elevated decking is the conventional rectangular shape. If you have other raised decking construction ideas  - in particular the shaping, then please make sure that any shaped overhangs are catered for in the construction details. You will be constricted in many aspects by building control regulations. These, you MUST adhere to. They are primarily concerned with safety. To ignore them - or not to seek the proper consent - would be folly. It could also result in an enforced removal of your deck. Planning Permission and Building regulations control are absolutely important with most Raised projects.

Construction of Raised Deck with Decking StaircaseConstructing a Raised deck.

Any raised deck has to be properly constructed, and you should be fully aware of the implications and procedures for the construction of such an item. If you have little or no construction experience or expertise, then do NOT attempt to build your own. Get a professional with experience in raised decking .

If you decide to go ahead with the construction of a raised deck, then ensure that you have the proper tools that you will require, and are well experienced in their use. You should have a good knowledge of general carpentry. Constructing is exactly what is says - CONSTRUCTION. Likewise building a raised deck is about BUILDING!

How to Build a Raised Deck.

We are not going to do a step by step tutorial about how to build raised decking, for the simple matter that if you need it, then you should not do it! Simple as that.

If on the other hand you have considerable experience in construction and carpentry, then there are many examples of how to build a raised deck in the links below.

Together with the finished projects, there is a good sample of images that will show you how to build raised decking

Minimum Timber Dimensions for a Building a Raised Deck

Much of the timber sold in the high street DIY stores is not of a suitable standard for the construction of a raised deck. The minimum dimensions for timber in our opinion should be the following

How to Build a Raised Deck with correct Timbers

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