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Fastening Clips - Composite Decking Boards.

Most methods of securing timber deck boards are suitable for use on composite boards. This includes

Clips for Composite deck boards.

By far the most professional job, is to use invisible decking clips. These can be used with either composite boards which have been rebated at the edges, or with normal profile composite boards.

The use of the clips with rebated boards saves a lot of time and gives a superior finished job to screwing. There is no pre-drilling required, and to go with that, it often only needs Section of Composite decking with fixing clipsone 'screw' per station as opposed to the two if screwing through the boards. This is a huge time saving. An added bonus, is the fact that the deck will have no visible screws - just an uninterrupted surface. Whilst there is little danger of screw heads 'popping' up on composite boards, the cleaner finish by using decking clips will be appreciated by your client. In most cases where the decks are to be used in public places, your architect will probably specify the uses of clips.

A hollow section composite deck board, with fixing clip shown. Three screw required, but no pre-drilling of holes in deck boards. There are other types of clips suited to other profiles of composite board.

If it is decided to screw through the deckboards in the traditional manner, it is advisable to pre-drill the holes. Many manufacturers say this is not necessary - simply screw straight in. The feedback I get from installers is that pre-drilling whilst time-consuming, is better.

With some composite boards, the surface can 'pucker up' around the screw head as it is driven down into the board. The simple remedy is to lightly tap the area back down with a hammer - carefully. The composite will 'mould' back to it's original flat profile. 


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