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Patio Deck or Paved Patio? A question that is often asked and rarely answered correctly. Most patios in the UK were probably built 10 - 20 years ago when paving suddenly took on a new meaning for garden recreation. Hopefully this, and the linked page will give you many ideas for Patio Decking

Patios were no longer simply a means of entering the house without mud on your shoes, but they became an essential part of outdoor recreation.

Do you remember the time when all politicians were saying that we have to prepare for the 'Leisure Age' when the working week would be just a few hours long and not everyone would have to do even that. I guess we are all still awaiting that time. In the meanwhile, we have to make what we can of the time available to us. So here we give you a selection of decking ideas for patio decking

Patio Decking or Patio Paving?

I don't quite understand the logic that is happy to decry the installation of a garden or patio deck. The argument against are mainly from garden writes - personalities - and those who have a narrow view of what a garden is used for  by the vast majority of householder!

On the one hand you have the gardening TV presenters who have made their much of their money and fame, largely by promoting decking - and patio decking in particular - as a good thing to have in the garden. But, then as they move on again and get back to their roots as 'gardeners', there is a new subject to promote - gardening and plants! Interpret as you like.

Then you have the gardening writers trying to find another subject - preferably with a bit of controversy - if they run out of ideas. After all you cannot keep writing about the same plants year after year. So Let's have a bash at something.

Then of course there is the 'gardening fraternity' who by their very nature and chosen profession or hobby, are just that: Gardeners. They have very little interest in the garden -other than plants and compost heaps. Each to their own! There is room for all.

A deck - or patio - serves a different purpose in the garden. It is for leisure, lying about, relaxing and having a meal or drink on! Most garden owners like a splattering of all those things - as well as spending time tending their gardens. So does decking have a place in the garden? YES - as does a patio, if that is your choice. I would hazard a guess that it is mainly the inclusion of patios and decks over the last few decades that has made gardening more popular to many people who would see the garden patch as a bind. So, the gardening trade and all those who are fed by it should realise that!

Many new decks are built over the top of old patios - not without good reason, for there is nothing as annoying than trying to get a picnic table to stop wobbling and spilling the drinks, which is often the case with an old uneven patio.

Over many years, I have built fifty or so paving patios, and well over one hundred decks. Each have had their own place in the life of the prospective owner, and the individual designs of both patios and decks have reflected that. (If you think that a patio or deck needs no designing, for it is simply a rectangle, then think again!)

An interesting note. On several occasions been asked to deck over an old patio that has seen better days. I have never ever been asked to pave over an old deck, though have built new decks to replace poorly constructed decks from the past!

Decking over the Patio.  

Decking ideas for covering a patio. The garden - and the patio in particular - has taken on a new significance - especially with the clamp down on finances perhaps preventing us from taking the holidays in the sun.

A timber Patio Deck with Pergola and conservatoryPatio Decks and decking have seen an upsurge in popularity over the last 10 or so years -  helped and hindered by such programmes as TV Ground Force, who were happy to deck everything in sight as long as it meant getting the job done within the time frame allotted - if you believe that!

Decking has an important part to play in providing leisure space near the house by way of Decking Patios. More often than not, new decks are replacing old  patios - not simply because of cost, but because of the versatility of the Patio deck.

As can be seen in the picture left, decking patios make for clean lines and even surfaces. There is no reason why extensive planting cannot be carried out either near or on the patio deck. The addition of a substantial timber pergola completes the scene in this particular patio deck. Holes could have been cut out for planting climbers, but it was decided to go for substantial ceramic containers which will also help to break up the large patio deck area. This particular deck was built over the top of a not-so-old patio, which had moved with the clay subsoil - rather than moving with the times!

There are many decking ideas for patios throughout the site, and we will take you through the different ways of building your patio deck, and also give you some decking patio ideas. There are a few things to take into account when designing a decking patio in order that you get the best possible use from it - now and well into the future.

Ideas for Patio Decking.

 Curved Patio Deck with decking pathway  Shaped Patio Deck - with access to garden, around conservatory, and surround for garden pond.

Patio deck with plantes, trellis and pergolaPatio Deck with Pergola, Planters, Trellis screen and Timber Plant Boxes.

Angled Pergola at corner of house over curved deckCurved Patio Decking Ideas with Rope and splayed Pergola.

Small patio deck with substantial timber pergola Patio Deck with Pergola Step by Step.

 Large softwood Patio deck with balustrade, and large pergola. Large Patio decking with Pergola, trellis screen and provision of hot tub.

Garden Decking Ideas


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