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Patio and conservatory decking at Orpington.

Decking and conservatories often come together. Probably because too often, conservatory door sills end up much higher than the patio. This was not the case with this deck. It was decided to extend the new living experience out into the open air.

The answer? A deck! Yes, the conservatory is nice, but what a difference a deck makes. The addition of this decking scheme, virtually renewed the entire rear of the property.

An interesting note about levels in the garden is made below! It was never envisaged that a staircase would have to be included - or even balustrade railings.

Before and after images of large Orpington deck to suit new conservatory/extension.  The images clearly show the difference in height between the rood reveal and out into the garden where the deck is to end.  In this case it is 24in - 60cm. Prior to the deck company visit, the client was totally unaware of the height difference, and the fact that the deck would require a small staircase for access to and from the deck.

never assume that any given area in the garden is level - simply because it looks it. Garden and house exterior are noted amongst professionals for their problems by way of optical illusion.

Before shot of the old patio area to be decked

After - Clean simple lines of the rectangular deck.
The finished decking patio with balustrade and small access steps



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