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Large garden Patio Decking project with timber planters.

The whole garden was turned into a deck, but with added timber planters which will be filled with palms, bamboos and other similar plants to give a secluded decking area. The original idea was to have a split level deck - just a step down - but this would have simply created two smaller decks without the versatility of having a huge single room deck.

 In any event, as the client was very keen on planting for around the deck and for some decking planters, then the area could be sub-divided as and when desirable.

The garden sloped away from the house, so the deck needed extra supporting at the 'deep' end - bearing in mind the additional weight of the timber planters.

The Timber Planters.

The timber planters - around the edge of the deck - were bottomless to allow the substantial plants - mainly palms - to grow through into the soil beneath the deck. The planters were raised to various levels above the deck, but with the box containers extending down to ground level. This prevented any future soil erosion as the soil would have settled and moved laterally under the hollow deck cavity.

Planters were constructed from 6 x 2in decking joists - Tanalith pressure treated - laid horizontally. The joists were then clad in deck board fascia, but with the decking fascia laid vertically and well fixed with screws into the joist-constructed planters. As well as giving added strength, it made for an interesting contrast to the horizontal main deck. The long planters were also braced at regular intervals to ensure no 'bulging' over time.

The planters were then finished off with a decking capping - mitred at the corners.

  Finished softwood patio deck with planters ready to receive topsoil and plants One of the palm trees positioned - just to get the feel of things Softwood teated joists were used for the planter construction Deck board capping on top of the planters - together with vertical cladding of deckboards

The planters were constructed of sturdy 150x50mm (6x2in) timbers and then clad with decking - at verticals - to bring the whole decking project to a satisfactory conclusion.

Timber decking Planters ready to receive the plants

The decking area was constructed as a single level deck - giving so much versatility for future use of the decked area.

Deck Construction.


Lawn area prior to building the deck

The large patio decking area was constructed over a gently sloping garden, which had an overall drop down 45cm. The deck frames were supported by cross bearers, which were supported by 100 x 100mm treated posts sunk and concreted into the ground. The deck sub frame was secured to the house by means of a wall plate joist to which joist hangers had been pre-fixed.




Sub deck frame joisting underway


The deck sub - frame can be seen nearing completion. The joists are fixed at 600mm centre gaps between each joist.

There was sufficient room under the deck frame to enable the provision of a weed control membrane after the decking sub frame was constructed.




Decking patio sub frame joists


View out over the deck sub frame from the house.





Below - a similar view at end of day 3.  Approx half of the garden decked.

Laying of deckboards finished

The finished deckboard laying - ready to start on the timber planters in the deck

End day 4, Most of sub deck completed ready to be decked.

All sections of the deck more or less finished now






 Planters are well underway. The timber planters were clad with matching deck boards, and capped off with smooth structural decking timber.

 The softwood deck together with the planters that have been cladded with deckboards fixed vertically


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