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Large patio Decking - Hot tub and Pergola - includes decking plan

Large timber decking patio to replace old deck, together with decked area around hot tub. Screening trellis and pergola give added shade to this hot spot as well as adding a gardening feature which will shortly be full of plants.

The complete deck was built through on one level - giving the best option by means of flexibility in moving furniture around in this outside decking room.

The decking plan at the bottom of the page, gives a better idea of the scale of this patio decking project. The before and after images show how a deck can improve on an old garden and features.

This is a substantial decking scheme which transformed the garden from a nice but dated garden that was lacking in useable space, into an al fresco room which linked house to garden via the decking patio, and bought the secluded hot tub into the overall scheme with good access but seclusion.  

Decking images below, show the restrictive brick garden planters, which - being so near to the house - prevented good use of the garden, and also made the garden look small. The brickwork path simply led to the side of the house, which was more of the same.  The large decking patio gave a lot of usable space, lightened up garden and house, and as a home for a substantial pergola, left plenty of potential for the owner's love of plants not to be stifled.

   Large timber patio deck with pergola and balustrades in place  Paved pathway to side of house before decking takes place 

The view below - taken from opposite ends of the side of the house - again shows how space can be better utilised by inclusion of a deck.

Hot tub in the patio deck.

In this case, a hot tub became a realistic provision, whereas before, the dark area would not have been enticing enough to include a hot tub. The large pergola allowed enough light into the area with well spaced rafter beams. The tub was installed on the existing concrete base, and the deck built around it - ensuring that there was access points to the innards of the spa. Building a deck around the hot tub, allowed for easier access to and from the tub. The overall height of the deck now being 10in (25cm) up the side of the spa.

   Deck around hot tub with trellis screening surrounds  The site before the decking took place  

below, the new deck that replaced the old stained deck, clearly gives much more usable space - mainly on account of a single level, but also by being a simple single rectangular structure. The balustrade along the highest edges prevent any accidents - even with a relatively low deck.

   Timber garden patio deck with balustrade, pergola and summerhouse.   Before the deck was built!     

Clickable images of the project are set out below. A large - but simple patio based decking project, with the added facility of a large pergola which extended around the house and over the hot tub area. Trellis screening to the hot tub area - with a simple trellis gate completes the project.

 cam2.JPG 29698 bytes. Large timber pergola fixed to house  cam1.JPG (36686 bytes) general view of the garden patio softwood deck

   cam10.JPG (27763 bytes) Finished deck and pergola  cam4.JPG (29061 bytes) Deck with pergola and balustrade cam6.JPG (33059 bytes) A view of the deck from the garden cam7.JPG (28035 bytes) The pergola is quite substantial and blends in well with the softwood decked patio

Decking Plan provision.

Decking plan of the whole project - giving all dimensions. The decking plan can be clicked for enlargement and printed free for personal use.

It is essential when building a large decking patio project to have a proper decking plan. the decking plan need not be a professional draughtsman job, but it should show all the dimensions, and be to a working scale. The plan for the decking, pergola, trellis and position of the hot tub allowed accurate working out for the materials needed at every stage of the project. Naturally for a project this size, it is important to pre-order the total decking material - even if you can arrange staggered deliveries. Some local suppliers will not carry a sufficient stock of decking for a project like this. The last thing you need is to run out of materials halfway though - or worse still have to use decking boards from a different batch. There can be a difference in the materials from different batches.

Sketch plan of the decking project


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