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Raised Decking scheme over a sloping garden

Raised decks to combat the sloping garden. The decking 'flattens' out the garden and allows for full use and also child safety.  The deck was a large single level but raised deck with decking staircase down to garden.

Before the provision of the decks the area was treacherous - particularly in the winter. The decking overcame this problem and gave a very usable surface area easily accessible from the house

Safety balustrade were obviously fitted. With this type of deck, there are various structural engineering aspects to be taken into account. It is not the type of decking project for an average DIY enthusiast.


Hold mouse over image below for a before and after effect.

View of the area to receive a raised dedk and staircase to the garden

Day 1 shows the steep slope (Look at the steps) and the multi-fractured concrete surfaces that made up the rear patio!!!

As well as a totally unsuitable surface/area for sunbathing or relaxing, there are two young children to be taken into account - both in terms of play area/facility and of course safety!

The first course of action, is building the decking sub-frame - from 150x50mm (6x2in) joists and double bearer. All this supported by 100x100mm (4x4in) posts, concreted into the ground.  (We are not into decking squares nailed on to a bit of batten).

One deck fitter engaged upon this project.

All images can be clicked for enlargement

   ForestHill 006.jpg (106832 bytes) Old steps and area to be decked  ForestHill 008.jpg (92333 bytes) - Raised deck sub frame being prepared 

End of day 1 shows part of the deck sub-frame in place. (The coffee cups on display, only show part of the day's activities!)

Day 2 - Wet - No work!

Day 2 = 2 hours then rain!!!

ForestHill2-1IN.JPG (83672 bytes) - First stage of deck timber laying  ForestHill2-4IN.JPG (99787 bytes) Progress on the deck and a vision of how the steps will be included

Deckboards laid down to give a working surface, after main supports were concreted into the ground and an additional intermediate bearer was installed. Saw bench is in place ready for work proper to commence!

Day 3

 ForestHill3 003IN.JPG (63630 bytes) The height of the raised deck in evidence here with this sub frame image 

Decking part done to give safe working area whilst remainder of joisting and supports are fixed. More joist to be affixed and remainder of deck boards to be laid prior to balustrades to be fixed. Then access to lower deck area including staircases.

Day 4

ForestHill4 001IN.JPG (75989 bytes) General view of the deck as construction progresses  The deck is supported by double bearers. Decking well advanced on this raised deck Most of deck boards laid, and upright newels bolted into position.

Day 5 Top level deck all but finished....

Decking and balustrade finished on this softwood deck project  The ladder is temporary. A proper decking staircase follows shortly  

Day 6 Step added for access from French Doors

  Not the best form of steps - but wanted by the client. The decking required Tiered steps to the house  

Day 7

The was also a lower section to the raised deck - from where the new staircase will be fixed.  Work starts on the lower-level deck. 150x50mm joists are supported by 100x100mm posts concreted into ground.. This deck will abut the higher deck, but lowered by 1metre. Upright newel posts are also fixed. 2 extra long joists are positioned ready to accept the staircase that will lead down into the garden.

The split level deck tiers can be seen here  Front view of both decks - upper deck now complete, with the lower deck construction work well advanced.

 This is the site before we started.

Day 8 Lower deck now clad with deckboards and structure for steps between decks started.

Balustrade for safety - separates the two levels of this split level deck

Day 10 Linking Steps and main staircase installed - Job Done - other than tidying up the site

    An this is how the decking staicase was constructed. Built along the front of the deck rather than protruding into the garden


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