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Curved Decking patio and pergola with rope - Hampshire.

Curved patio decking scheme with attractive pergola. Rope was used instead of timber balustrade around the curved section. Good garden quality sisal rope is best for a natural appearance, though there are some good colours available with rope made from polypropylene fibres.

The pergola over the top of this curved deck was splayed out from corner position to further accentuate the curve of the deck. Fixing the ends of the pergola rafters to the corner of the house presented a few problems, but these were overcome - as will be seen in accompanying pictures.

The support posts for the splayed corner framework were tanalised 4x4 (100 100mm) concerted into the ground, but with no angled struts as the client wanted a clean line and look.

Curved deck, rope balustrade and angled timber pergola

To follow on from the curved decking patio, the ensuing borders were shaped to accent the curves of the patio, and also the curves included with a sufficient length of rope - allowing for an attractive droop between the posts.

Access from the patio deck was from further along the deck. The ropes obviously preventing access at this point.

If children are to be given access to the garden and deck, then be aware of the 'attraction' of the rope 'swing' facility. In this instance, a decorative brass fixing was used to secure the rope to the support posts. This type of fitting is not suitable for heavy use. The rope passing through holes in the support posts would neither be suitable, for the rope would pull through the holes. In any event, this sort of structure would not be suitable for children's play!

On the choice of rope materials, the polypropylene would last longer in an outdoor situation than natural sisal fibre rope. A good source for both types of rope - and advice for suitability - would be a yacht marina shop.

Sketch plan for curved deck and pergola at corner of house Overall Plan for the Patio Deck Project


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