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Decking ideas for garden

There are many ways to utilise just a simple rectangular deck in your garden. It need not be boring. If you need some ideas for decking your garden, then the links at the bottom of the page are a good starting place. All of them point to completed deck project that were once simply ideas for decking.

If your project can go beyond the normal rectangular shape, then so much the better. But, there is so much that can be done to transform a deck from a lump of wood into vital, usable, garden deck area. You simply need to explore all possible combinations. Don't settle for the obvious. Create a dream garden deck.

Often there is a fine line that divides that which can be called a garden deck and that which is a Patio Deck.

For the purpose of this page - this section - when we talk about garden decks, we are describing those decks that are an integral part of the garden - which a patio deck is sometimes not - or those decks which have the important design aspect of actually bringing the house into the garden. It can be argued that patio decks do this. Yes, but a garden deck is more part of the garden than part of the house - even if joined to the house!

 All of the decks in the examples below fall into the category of what we would call Garden Decks. To confuse things, some could also be classed as patio decks! Most garden decks are built at ground level - though this is not necessarily the case. Rarely does a garden deck require planning permission, and certainly not building regulations supervision.


Your Garden Decking Ideas Start Here.



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