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Timber Patio Decking with pergola and trellis at Epsom

This decking patio project, together with provision of timber pergola and matching trellis screening, turned an unsightly paved patio into a superb outdoor room.

Sturdy timber planters on the deck allowed for the garden aspect of the design to be carried right through from the house into the traditional area of the garden beyond the deck.

The old paved patio was removed first - down to the hardcore base - in order to allow the new patio deck to be installed on a standard 6 x 2in (150 x 50mm) joisted base.

Old paved Patio area before having a deck laid There is enough depth around the house in relation to the DPC for the existing patio to stay in place for the decking sub base frame Work progresses from clearing the old patio of the paving stones, which then allowed for the sturdy sub deck frame to be installed. The 6 x 2in sub deck was even more important, a/ to allow additional support for the substantial pergola to be installed over the patio deck, and b/ to ensure a good solid base for the timber planters which were to be an integral part of the patio - linking the patio right out into the garden. The patio sub-deck is held together here by cross screwing  a few joists over the sub base joist which helped to bring all the sub deck joisting to the same level before fixing with posts concreted into the ground.


Work underway for the laying of the deck and also the construction of the timber pergola Finished deck with pergola and trellis screen to old fenceWork more or less completed with all deck boards laid and fixed to joist sub frame. The pergola posts were fixed first, by bolting on to the sub frame - also acting as supports - and concreted into the ground. careful measurements were taken to ensure that the 4x4in (100 x 100mm) pergola uprights were positioned to allow for minimum cutting in of the deck boards.

The pergola over the deck patio, was braced by fixing to garage wall, and by angled struts at the top of the posts. Both operations ensured a sturdy - wobble-free - pergola over which vigorous plants could be planted to give shade.

Decking Patio, Pergola, Timber Planters and Trellis Screening all completed.


Softwood patio deck with pergola and trellis screening for the garage building Planting boxes were provided in the deck for plants on the trellis Deck planters and trellis in placeAll the images on the left can be enlarged by clicking.

The finished decking patio with pergola, trellis screens and timber planting are now finished. The pergola was constructed from the same pressure treated joists that were used for the patio deck, and will soon tone down in colour to honey brown firstly, then to grey unless stained. the importance of using pressure treated - tanalised - timbers for the plant supports - trellis and pergola - cannot be over-emphasised. There will be no need to try to remove established climbing plants from the trellis or pergola in order to apply preservative in a few year's time.  Anyone who has grown plants up a make-shift trellis, only to see the structure crumble as the years go past will realise that!

The open aspect of the deck - with just minimal balustrade railings takes the eye out into the garden. Once the planters are filled, and the trellis clad in plants along with the pergola, there will be a full connection to the planted garden, as well as the feeling of an added room to the house. A room that is sure to get much use.

The sturdy timber planters were bult using the same timber as the deck sub frame - 6 x 2in tanalised timbers. this ensured longevity and sturdiness over the coming years. The timber planters can either be clad with decking to match. or as in this case, simply a few deck boards at the corner fixed in vertical position to give a little contrast.


View of the finished softwood patio deck with pergola Softwood patio deck with pergola, planters and trellis all finished

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