Welcome to the Top Deck Decking Advice and Information Centre.

We aim to give the best information and advice about decking and building your own deck in the clearest and professional manner.

A deck installation should be thought of in the same way as you would consider having a house extension built. It will probably give as much pleasure - though at a fraction of the cost (normally).

Do not rush into the project, and get ideas and prices from several sources. See examples of what you have in mind - whether timber choice or decking style. 

Then - and only then - should you contemplate having your deck built. We will build up on this information page, to give the information that is not generally available under any other category on the site. Feel free to ask us for information. We will probably be able to help - or at least point you in the right direction to find the decking information you require.

 An impressive deck project. We will give you the advice and information you require to build and maintain your perfect deck
A large balcony deck area with balustrade and steps from the house.


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