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Garden Patio Decking in L - shape.

Large garden patio deck with balustrades and steps down to main garden. The deck was built in a L shape. This type of deck design often offers a huge increase in 'available' deck area without encroaching onto the garden  space too much.

The protruding section of the L shape decking is usually free of 'hidden pathways' along the deck and can often be utilised as a separate decking room. 'Pathway runs' across the deck - typically from rear house door through to garden, can often take out much of the usable deck space. Think the deck pathways carefully in your overall deck design.

Finished softwood garden patio deck with steps, balustrade and trellis screening40 sq metres of old paving to take up - Oh Joy! The paving had to be taken up in this instance to allow enough working depth to get decking patio under the door sill and Damp Proof Course. Spacer washers were used to keep the deck frame and deck away from the house wall to width of 1cm. Most of the old paving was disposed of under the extended part of the deck that overhung the old patio.

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View of an area of old patio which is to be decked Clearance of old patio completed, so deck base sub deck can commence Area of old patio ready for the decking sub base Joisting of the sub deck over old patio area

Paving removed and sub-base well on way, with a start on the patio decking. The L shaped patio can be seen being formed.


Joisting of L shaped sub deck finished and decking commences - hiding the patio rubble that was left on site Sub deck finished - decking takes place Decking boards being laid out from the house Everything now in place to start the laying of the deck boards on this softwood deck

Decking commences

All but done, with L shaped patio deck almost finished - and balustrades given a good start. A good tidy up at end of day left a large proportion of this decking that could be used by client for the weekend.

Laying of deckboards completed. Work on the balustrade begins The L shape of the deck now clearly visible - work bench set up on deck for stability Completing the newels post fixing for the slightly raised garden patio L shaped deck General view of the decking works progress

Job finished.

L shape deck with sturdy modern balustrade, small staircase and screening trellis to one end of this large Decking Project. The deck took 6 days to complete - mainly because of the very changeable weather conditions. A huge amount of available and usable space had now replaced the old decrepit patio area.

 Finished deck with a little bit of furniture in place A continuous top rail for the balustrade for extra strength Finished softwood patio deck ready for use. View of the finished softwood L shaped deck looking towards the house


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