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patio Deck and double Pergola.

The area had previously been an old unsafe patio, with a brief to turn it into an outside room. The answer - A raised deck and pergola which helped to give the Mediterranean feel required by the client. Top Deck Decking staff built the project.

A slightly raised terrace deck from doorway was highlighted by a split level pergola. A decking staircase down to the garden completed the project. The decking timbers, pergola and fence were all constructed using tanalised softwood timber. The Tanalith treatment will ensure the longevity of all components.

This project shows the versatility of decking with a relatively simple installation job.


Old crazy paving patio before the provision of a deck and pergola projectThe images below show the building of the basic sub-deck frame. In this operation, the framework was constructed at ground level, before raising up to finished level and then 'installed with suitable 4x4in (100x100mm) timber supports bolted through to the deck frame. The left hand side of the joist frame, was bolted through to the supports of the fence to increase rigidity.



The deck subframe is being installed with the 6x2in joists at 600mm centres.



The front edge of the deck - which overhung the lower garden slightly - was supported with timber posts concreted into the ground. A strong deck sub frame was was even more necessary in this case, as it also acted as upright support for the pergola feature.





The drop from the house access to the patio below shows the need for the raised deck areaThe pergola fixed -added much interest to the decking area

This before and after pair of pictures shows the pergola feature off quite well. A little bit of thought before actually building the deck, allowed for the pergola to be an integral part of the deck design, and helped to negate the boxed-in feeling that would otherwise have been the case. The pergola was built from 4x2in (100x50mm) construction joists, supported by a cross beam of 6x2in (150x50mm) softwood joists. A simple angular cut to the protruding ends of the cross members of the pergola mirrored the simplicity of the whole project. A more ornate end cut could have been achieved using a hand held eclectic jig saw.  

Old patio before the deck and pergolaThe patio covered and pergola in place - with plants ready to start growing
The garage - previously painted - can now be softened, and the glare from the white walls reduced by foliage hanging from the deck pergola. As can be seen, there is a lot of white surrounding the deck, which whilst it will cause glare, will reflect the heat considerably.

The untidy patio before the deck was constructed The patio now hidded below the  new deck and pergola feature
A staircase basically constructed from 8x2in (200x50mm) side stringers, allows for safe and easy access to deck and garden alike. Sturdy balustrades completed the deck project, and just a few days of sunshine later, the colour of all timbers can be seen to have faded to a pleasing honey brown.



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