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Small Patio Deck with Safety Balustrade - Chatham, Kent

Small deck over lawn and old patio.

This Chatham patio was small, the lawn at this point didn't get used. Solution? A small raised decking patio to even out the change in levels. The electric awnings are already in place =  an outside room.

The lawn sloped away quite steeply from the house - so much so, that is was impossible to have small table and chair. The deck that was decided upon, is not too big, but as can be seen from the pictures it is an ideal spot - especially in the late afternoon sun.

Good use of space that could never fulfil any useful purpose. And of course, it doesn't need mowing!

The small concrete patio area was of no use - and dangerous, so simply acted as a set of steps. Covering the old patio steps and giving good access to side of house and garden, was a relief for the owner.

We are assured that there will be many hours after work, spent with a coffee - or whatever - on the decking patio which is now the pride and joy.

Old raised concrete patio are that is to be decked. The finished softwood deck over old concrete patio area.

Before the deck was finishedraised patio deck finished and put to good use in the evening sun by the pleased owner.

ChathamLordswoodDone_006.jpg (23792 bytes) Small deck finished

As can be seen in the image, the door to the garage still functions ok - simply by removing a portion at the bottom to allow opening onto the deck. The image can be clicked for enlargement.





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