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Large Garden Terrace decking at Walderslade Nr Chatham in Medway Towns.

Large Terrace Garden Deck project near Medway. All the decking timber used is treated against rot and infestation. This timber garden decking area fitted in beautifully with the surrounding woodland, and was large enough to cater for all tastes and manner of use.

The deck area had a curve cut into it to allow for a garden area - comprising a water feature and selected planting.

Before we started and a few hours later after removal of the fence - which just happens to be a barrier between the lawn area and a sheer drop of around 3 metres down into the woodland!

The lawned area where new deck terrace is to be constructed The edge of the lawn area falls off to a sheer drop!

The joist work of the sub-deck is well on the way. The deck measures 13 metres end to end.

 Subdeck joists being positioned with 1 metre overhang over the sheer drop

The picture below gives a better idea of the size of the project.

Decking sub frame detail for large terrace deck

Upright newels bolted into place, and a start on the decking - after another row of supports concreted into place. The outline of one of the plant beds can be seen - prior to shaping.

Laying of softwood deck boards underway, with overhang to be shaped when finished The curved deck effect

Nov 3rd 2006

An interesting angle as decking progresses. It was 12 noon before the frost melted in this part of the garden! There is to be a bonfire down in the low garden/woodland over the weekend - Hope the deck will be ok!

The deck subframe was not 'square' (on purpose) so some intyeresting angles had to be cut in decking

Friday 5th November - Job Done!

 The finished raised decking terrace The curved deck cut-out to make provision for plantings

Sturdy decking balustrades were needed over the sheer drop of several metres. Curved fascia to the shaped deck


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