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Garden Decking for Hot Tub - Tunbridge Wells

A substantial garden deck was required for a leisure area and also to take a large hot tub. The decking was constructed over a lawned garden with a slight slope.

All the decking joists and decking timbers were tanalised to give rot free performance guarantee on the timber of fifteen years. The decking project aged quite well as can be seen by following the link at the bottom of the page. This will take you to images of the deck after one year.

Note the colour change through to honey brown as the deck timbers change colour over the months.

Garden decking is a great way to utilise areas of the garden for twelve months of the year. It dries out so quickly after the heaviest rain, than it can be used instantly.

Large Garden Decking Patio.

The images below show most of the building process for a large garden patio deck which had to be strong enough to take a hot tub spa. The garden was large enough to take the substantial deck, and being near to the house and traditional patio, was well suited to the recreational use to which it was put. The framework for the garden deck was constructed out of 6x2in - 150x50mm treated timber, supported with 100x100 treated timber posts. Under the sub frame of the garden deck, black plastic weed block sheet was used, together with sodium chlorate weedkiller, to ensure no weed growth grew up through the deck.

The area where the new deck is to be positioned  Basic deck sub frame laid out and fixed

Shows the size of the joists Tyhe sub deck frame all but finished

First stages of the substantial sub deck frame are laid out to give the client an idea of finished size, then the joist were raised to their final position before construction work started proper. Only after the garden decking sub-frame was constructed, did the final levelling and concrete support work take place.

The right hand image above,  shows the shaped corner which was cut out after the sub deck had been constructed as a rectangle in the first instance. Cutting the corner after all the support work is done is usually the better option.

Joist hangers for sturdiness Sub deck raised into position

Decking well underway Basic decking now finished with angled corners

Staggered joists were fastened to a central double bearer by way of joist hangers. Because of the potential slight differences in joist thicknesses, extra care has to be taken to ensure that the top surface edge of the joists is level so that there are no problems when laying the deck boards. Basically the garden decking patio was built to the same specifications as that of a higher raised deck.

A slight narrowing of the distance from joist to joist was allowed for at the business end where the hot tub was to be positioned. From 600mm centers to 500mm centres. The deck boards were screwed into place for this project. Whilst a hot tub has a weight potential of around 2 tonnes when full, it presents little problem for a well constructed garden deck such as this. The footprint of a hot tub is normally somewhere in the region of 2m x 2m and the decking is well able cope with this type of weight load. A few extra supports were added under the hot tub section to prevent any sagging over the years.

The timber garden decking project was completed in good time and you can see how the project matured nicely over the next twelve months by clicking the link below.

View this Decking project on a day by day basis | Garden Decking Project, twelve months on.


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