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 Raised deck on a very steep slope in Biggin Hill.

This is where decking really comes into it's own! As can be seen with the first picture, that strip of grass is a no-go area for general use. Look at the drop! A raised deck was the answer.

The deck is not really raised, but simply overhangs the bank to give extra space. Needless to say, this type of deck - with all it's safety aspects - is not really a job for an amateur.

Other than the problems of working practice safety, there are 'structural engineering' aspect to be taken into account. This deck certainly made a lot of difference to the family's quality of life outdoors. The rear garden continued the slope so was virtually unusable. Now there is space to pull up a chair, and simply relax without having to keep an eye on toddlers. A great use of decking for a very difficult area.


Before image of the steep slope that it to get a decking solution    The finished deck job over the steep bank.

The images above show the before and after situation of this decked area. before, there were very serious safety consequences with that steep bank going down to the road below - quite a few metres. In fact it is best described as a sheer bank than a steep slope. Whichever, the deck with it's slight overhang did the job. The front of the house now being totally safe for family - even the young one.

 These days, the safety of visitors to your house also need to be considered. It may well be that your acquaintance with your house surrounds give you a slight edge when safety is thought about.  However, visiting friends, their children and even delivery persons expect - indeed have a right - to safe access to and from your house!

A unsafe 'front garden' converted into a 'sun lounge'. (A great place from  from where to watch the Biggin Hill Air Show!)   More importantly a safe outdoor room for the children.

All images in the construction sequence below, can be clicked for enlargement

The high embankment has now been made safe by the provision of the deck Sturdy support posts and balustrade newels are important Finished deck - showing how the steep bank was tamed

We have not given too many details on the actual construction process, simply because it might make the deck look like a general run of mill decking project - albeit over a steep bank. Not so. This is a very serious operation and should not be considered by a weekend DIY enthusiast.

There are far too many aspects of safety involved, both for the staff doing to work and also the end use of the deck.


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