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Large flat ground level deck, Nr Guildford - Aldershot with Diagonal decking boards.

On this this large garden deck, a timber pergola over the pond added a focal point, and the balustrade separated the deck from the remainder of the garden.

The plan was to have a large uninterrupted area of deck, which has the flexibility to be used in a number of ways. Either for personal use, parties or informal and formal entertaining.


Shingled garden before the building of a large flat deck
An extensive but old patio had been removed, and area shingled

The same garden after the deck was installed complete with pergola and balustrade
This took it's place!

The sub deck was constructed from 4x2 joists as there is no load bearing as such
Basic 4x2 sub-deck being installed.

Same but different view.


Support posts every 1 metre in each direction
Sub deck supported by posts concreted into ground

Decking laid at angle for maximum effect
Decking being laid diagonally for effect

Overhang of deckboards left until deck finished, then cut to form curves
Staggered finish sorted by curvature work for flower border

Deck, Pergola and balustrades on this garden deck project
The final project - complete with purpose built Pergola over existing pond.


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