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Decking idea for combining small rectangular pond into your deck.

The addition of a small rectangular pond, transformed this basic rectangular deck into a worthy garden feature. It was a simple idea that bought about endless possibilities, and the ideas soon started to flow.

In this particular project, the pond basics were actually installed - a simple structure using new railway sleeper timbers - available from almost any good timber merchant or many landscape suppliers.

Decking was used effectively to anchor a fish pond liner into place and to provide a capping for the pond that was in keeping with the rest of the deck.

This small pond was constructed using timber sleepers for the sides, then the decking was used as a capping to secure the pond liner into place. The project was built by Deck Designers and Builders. The decking edge to the pool, together with the deck cladding blends the pool into the deck area quite well.

Decking platform next to ornamental timber framed pond. The pond frame was constructed out of sleepers, and then capped with deck boards to anchor the pond liner into place.  A different view of the timber built pond with the deck surround
The end result was quite a modern-looking addition to a garden that was in many respects contemporary. The clean lines of the small raised deck, the pond which will bring endless enjoyable  hours of simply lying there with fingers caressing the water - being nibbled by the not-too-large fish! Add to that, the range of extra plants that can be grown in the pond and you have something out of the norm for a small deck.


 A view across the finished deck and rectangular fish pond 

As can be seen, the pond is a shallow affair - and not a big safety factor. However, it should be borne in mind that even shallow ponds can prove to be too much of an attraction to small children.

Being shallow, the plants used will have to be suitable for shallow water depths - even marginals. A small pump will oxygenate the water suitable for stocking with a few fish, and the depth will have the advantage of the fish being visible and not hiding away in the depths! the correct type of fish for this type of pond should be discussed with your local pond - fish - suppliers.

One thing to bear in mind with an idea such as this, is the fact that the low volume of water will heat up quite quickly on hot sunny days. Neither fish nor plants will enjoy your idea, if you do not take their wellbeing into account.



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