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Bexhill Timber Decking Project. decks and garden path. Step by Step How it was done.

Two decks connected by a long decking path which also surrounded a small pond with decking walkway.


The page is laid out in step by step decking images, in order that you can see the work entailed in such a decking scheme.

It is a garden decking project not beyond the scope of the good DIY enthusiast.

Use good quality timber. Do not proceed to the next stage until you are fully satisfied with the current one.

Getting the sub deck frame is the most important aspect of deck building. Once this is rioght then the rest of the decking can proceed without too many hitches.

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Before the decking started, the slight slope on the garden and the general direction of the deck and paths can be seen.

1.jpg (48844 bytes)


Delivery Day 1.This gives an idea of the amount of timber that is used  in building such a deck. Make sure that you have the storage space required - especially if your timber is being delivered and offloaded with a crane lorry.

2.jpg (56655 bytes)

If you are arranging for a crane offload lorry, check before hand that you have the necessary area in which to offload your materials, and also check carefully for any overhead obstructions such as tree branches of power lines.

Sub-deck of one of the decks constructed from 150x50mm Tanalised joists. Newels for balustrades also installed (Day 2)

3.jpg (51633 bytes) 4.jpg (46973 bytes) 7.jpg (45033 bytes) 5.jpg (51669 bytes) 6.jpg (46924 bytes)

This deck base was built as a normal rectangle first, with all the joist being inserted in the normal way. After that was completed, the two front corners were cut across at 45deg to give to give the shaped front. All upright newels are in place and corners cut and fixed on the high level deck at top of garden.

Once this part is done correctly, then the decking timbers can be laid in the normal manner.

8.jpg (47595 bytes)

Black Weed Block is placed under the decking structure - ready for decking to commence.

9.jpg (43917 bytes)

Day 9 The decking at Bexhill now completed

Bottom Decks.JPG (78841 bytes)

 Top Deck.JPG (66636 bytes) NewSection.JPG (55034 bytes)

 Looking down.JPG (62934 bytes)

 NewTopSection.JPG (60401 bytes)

Path Pond Top Deck.JPG (50777 bytes)

New section of deck for Summerhouse

From Summerhouse verandah to bottom.



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