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Small Garden Timber Decking projects - Before and After.

A few images of small garden decking projects. These images graphically show a before and after view of some decking projects. Both are relatively simple ideas - well thought out to give exactly what was wanted.

They also show just what can be accomplished in a small garden - regardless of what was there before. Before and after images of decking projects are a great source of ideas to motivate you into action. It is a good idea to view as many such projects as possible before deciding exactly what can be accomplished with your proposed deck.

First images shows a before and after view of a small deck near Tonbridge in Kent whilst the remaining decking images are of a London Decking Garden scheme.

There are many more pages where before and after decking images and projects can be seen. Most of the pages on the Top Deck site have images of the project before starting, and of course the finished deck.

Small terraced garden before decking project The same small terraced garden with decking finished
This very ordinary small terraced garden was not too enticing for a sun lounge - until the deck was installed. After the completion of the deck, then there was enough room - and invitation - for the young lady of the house to do her desired sunbathing.

An unkempt London Garden before decking The same London Garden After decking is finished

London Garden in need of decking.London Garden now has deckingThe images above and below are of the same London garden. Not too inviting before the decking garden was decided upon. Simple ideas put into action, and a total change of emphasis. The garden can now be used in all weathers, and the planting is not too much as needs too much attention. A great idea for a labour saving garden deck scheme.

The view below is of the same decking project as above, but from the far end of the garden deck - looking towards the house. More space, more light, less work.


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